Theme : National conference on decentralised cooperation

From 5 to 7 October 2017,

FORMAT : two days of work and a day of sightseeing

Conference room of Ouaga 2000

Under the very high patronage of His Excellency the President of Faso

Lhe national conference of decentralised cooperation are the privileged framework for exchanges, debates, meetings and collective reflection between Burkinabè local authorities and their partners in the North and the South. They are opened to local and regional authorities in the countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

They include the promotion of decentralised cooperation through a number of commitments and the search for new partnerships.

This edition is an opportunity for new local elected representatives to meet their partners for some or to forge new partnerships for others.

The objectives assigned to the conference are:

  • Take stock of the decentralised cooperation between Burkina Faso local authorities and those of other countries, reassure partners, particularly those in the North, on strengthening our decentralisation process after the transition period,
  • Relaunch decentralised cooperation which has experienced some difficulties during the transition period, contribute to the implementation of the program of HEM the President of Faso;
  • Contribute to the implementation of the PNDES
  • To formulate recommendations / proposals for the new decentralisation frameworks and to feed the debate on the development of new texts on decentralised cooperation.


About 1000 people

    • Presidency of Faso ;
    • Association of the Regions of Burkina Faso (ARBF) ;
    • Association of the Municipalities of Burkina Faso (AMBF) ;
    • The Embassy of France in Burkina Faso ;
    • Cités Unies France (CUF) ;
    • International Association of Francophone Mayors (IAFM);
    • The French Developement Agency (FDA) ;
    • International Association of Francophone Regions (IAFR) ;
    • The French Ministy of Decentralisation (FMD) ;
    • The Council of Territorial Collectivity of WAEMU (CTC/WAEMU) ;
    • United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLGA) ;
    • The International Center for Local Development Studies(ICLDS) ;
    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France ;
    • The Chamber of commerce and industry of Burkina Faso ;
    • Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) ;
    • The Council of Communes and Regions of Europe (CCRE) ;
    • Local Global Forum (LGF);
    • Ministry of Decentralisation and of Tax System of Mali (MDTS)