Agenda of conference


7:00am  – 8:30

Reception and installation of participants and registration for round tables

  • Plenary 1 : The contribution of decentralized cooperation to the implementation of decentralisation: Assessment, lessons for better support for local and regional authorities.
  • Moderator: Mr. Jean Pierre Elong M’Bassi (UCLGA)
  • Communication 1 : Decentralised cooperation and empowerment of local and regional authorities.
  • Communication 2 : State of decentralised cooperation (progress, challenges, challenges and current challenges).
  • Speaker 1 : Mr. Siméon SAWADOGO, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation.
  • Speaker 2 : Mr. Idrissa SAVADOGO, Director General of Local Authorities
    Reaction of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso

10:15am -12:00am  

Work in round tables (06)


Lunch break

01:30pm – 02:30

Installation of participants and arrival of officials


  • Opening ceremony chaired by HE the Prime Minister
  • Welcome speech by Mr Armand Roland Pierre BEOUINDE, Mayor of Ouagadougou commune, President of the AMBF;
  • Address by Mr Eric K. TIEMTORE, President of the ARBF;
  • Speech Mr. Jean Pierre Elong M’Bassi, Secretary General of UCLGA;
  • Speech Mr. François Albert AMICHIA, President of the Council of WAEMU Territorial Communities (WAEMU-CTC);
  • Address by the Malian Minister of Decentralisation;
  • Speech by the Lead Partner of technical and financial partners;
  • Allocution du Chef de File des partenaires techniques et financiers ;
  • Opening speech of His Excellency Paul Kaba THIEBA, Prime Minister.


  • Inauguration and visit of the Exhibition of decentralized cooperation by HE Mr. PM accompanied by guests
  • welcome drinks


08:00am  – 10h00am

  • Next work round tables

10:15am – 11h45

  • Plenary 2: Guidelines, action strategies and operational measures to strengthen decentralised cooperation in Burkina Faso.
  • Moderation: Antoine Raogo SAWADOGO, President of Labo Citizenship
  • Communication 1: What international contribution to decentralised cooperation can be made to strengthen local project management capacities?
  • Communicator 1: Thierry CORNILLET, Member of the European Parliament, Head of the Advisory Service of the International Association of Francophone Regions.
  • Communication 2: Strategies for mobilizing the financial resources of local and regional authorities: cases of successful experiences.
    Communicators: AMBF Presidents and ARBF President
  • Reaction of a Canadian elected official
  • Feedback from a PLATFORMA representative
  • Feedback from partners from Vienne and Brittany
  • Reactions of AMBF partners (to be identified)

11:45am – 12h45

  • Plenary 3: Synthesis of work (Reporting Committee)
  • Presentation and adoption of the synthesis report
  • Presentation and adoption of recommendations and commitments
  • Presentation and Adoption of Motions of Thanks


  • Lunch break


  • Installation of participants


  • Arrival of officials


  • Meeting with HE the President of Faso
  • Introductory speech by Mr Siméon SAWADOGO, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation
  • Presentation of the conclusions of the workshops by actors
  • Exchanges with His Excellency Mr. Roch Marc KABORE, President of Faso
  • Final address of His Excellency Roch Marc KABORE, President of Faso

Closing dinner hosted by His Excellency Roch Marc KABORE, President of Faso

08:00am – 

    • Visit and stay of partners in local and regional authorities (free)
    • Visit of tourist sites for those who stay in Ouagadougou (free, upon registration with the organising committee)
    • Visit the Lango granite sculpture site;

Visit the pond to the sacred caimans of Bazoulé;

Visit of the Museum of Manéga

NB: “B to B” meetings will be held every day in parallel with the activities of the meeting to allow the actors to meet and exchange. A decentralised cooperation fair will also be held throughout the duration of the meeting.